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We repair all types and makes of printers...

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The most effective way to prolong the life of your printer or copier is to keep your device in good working order. Depending on your environment and device usage it is advisable to service your device accordingly.

We do repairs on the following types of printers:                                                          

Laserjet printers

Inkjet printers

Dot matrix printers

Line printers

Thermal printers

We also supply toner & ink cartridges

Maintenance and service contracts available!!!

Press Start Solutions provides for preventative maintenance and support to most products.

 *Paper Jam:

A common problem caused by several factors: dirty printer, incorrect paper being used, worn-out or broken paper feeder rollers.  


This refers to objects on your printed page being repeated elsewhere on the paper. The printer might need quality settings to be corrected or parts to be replaced.

*Displaying error messages:

There is a long list of error messages that may appear on your printer's display, and each error is specific to printer brand. Power supply issues, network problems, faulty components, paper handling issues or print jobs sent to the printer may cause errors.

*Copy Quality:

Bad copy quality is also a common problem, dirty printer, worn out imaging unit / printerhead, faulty cartridges, print quality settings, worn out parts and more.

Our Services

Printer repairs


Sales & Refurbishment

­Toner & Ink Cartridges